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The history of oppression is not just in the past. The enslaved servant of Elihu Yale is a prime example. Many people never have heard of Elihu Yale; however, they know the institution that bears his name... 

Yale University

We invite 100 artists to "Reclaim The Child" in the 21st century. The artist can reclaim this child in their own depiction. 

Who would that child be today?


We aim to include the paintings created by each artist in a collective installation for public viewing. We will sell the paintings via auction, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to eradicate educational disparities in underserved communities. 

More News 

Yale Center for British Art tries to identify enslaved Black child in 18th-century portrait of an early university benefactor.  This coincides with our efforts to bring attention and drive this conversation through art. We still do not believe they have identified the child through extensive research. The question becomes who would that child be today. 



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