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There are main 5 challenges that confront those working to improve the quality and accessibility of civic education in the schools:

  • neither the federal government nor the states have made high-quality civics education a priority

  • social studies textbooks may not adequately convey the knowledge or facilitate the development of the skills required of an informed, engaged citizen

  • consequential differences in access and outcomes between upper- and lower-class students persist

  • cutbacks in funding for schools make implementation of changes in any area of the curriculum difficult

  • polarized political climates increase the likelihood that curricular changes will be cast as advancing a partisan agenda.

Image by Yannis H

Civic Education

Civic Engagement

Educational Disparities

Civic participation in the United States is disproportional, resulting in a “civic engagement gap” between socioeconomic, racial, and gender groups. Making A Village Radio wishes to embark on a mission to highlight those gaps and find ways to have action oriented, solution driven conversations.

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