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Creating Life Changing Experiences And Making A Difference

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Making A Village Radio's mission is to partner with non-profit and for-profit organizations that inform and educate the public regarding civic education.


Our Initiative 

Our aim is to assist with the processes of bringing awareness to the importance of fostering high quality civic engagement.


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Making A Village Radio is bringing together communities with one goal - to increase civic engagement.  Building a solid foundation of civic learning for every student is the first critical step toward achieving this goal. 

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Why Should You Join Our Mission

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Working together is essential for the civic engagement work that we embark on at Making A Village Radio. By partnering with nonprofit and for-profit agencies, we are able to develop and implement unique learning experiences. Through collaboration, we are all practicing the collective work of shaping our communities and informing the next generation of community leaders about what it means to be responsible citizens of society. 

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